A Christmas Story

Mum! Dad! Where are we going to see Santa this Christmas?

Now, where can you take us kids to capture that special ‘magical’ Christmas experience that we will remember for the rest of the year?

You could take us to a high street store, where down in a grotty basement a curtained-off section houses a bored-looking Santa. Yuk!! Or perhaps to a garden centre, with Santa sitting amongst the potted plants! Now, come on Dad, that’s not very magical or exciting for us kids, is it?!

But Mum, there is now somewhere super cool you could take us..!

Just 20 minutes from the M4, (junction 45), my teacher says there is a Welsh mountain, with ancient caves, whose entrances are guarded by gigantic, but very friendly dinosaurs! I love dinosaurs… But deep inside this mountain lie Wales’ only natural Christmas grottos… Fantastic!

Imagine our excitement as we set off to find Santa, and follow the twisting, turning cave passageways that eventually lead us down into Santa’s magical underground world in Dan-yr-Ogof Cave.

Mum, the sights and sounds we will experience on our journey are not of this world! Vast colourful, hanging cave formations have all been transformed by the truly stunning Christmas decorations put up by Santa’s elves. As Dad is always saying, “Seeing is believing!”

I’ll also see Santa’s ever-faithful elves helping nearby. I will even get a chance to speak to Santa, and you can take my picture with him, Dad! I must tell him what presents I hope to get this Christmas, and of course, Santa is bound to give me a great gift to take home. I hope he doesn’t ask me if I’ve been good this year - that could be a tricky one!

And Mum, my day’s fun will just go on and on…

Dad, there is even an Iron Age Farm to see, and a great museum. Can we go into the Rock and Dinosaur Shop to see all the fossils, toys and gifts?

And Dad, you know I love dinosaurs, well my teacher says the National Showcaves Centre for Wales has one of the largest collections of life-sized dinosaur models in the world. That’s really cool!

There will even be a land train waiting to take us down to the Morgan Brothers’ farm to see all the farm animals, and of course their magnificent Shire Horses!

Finally, Mum, if I have any energy left there’s an undercover play area called ‘Barney Owl’s Playground’ to end my perfect day.

Now that’s what I call a real “Dan-yr-Ogof Cave Christmas Experience”! Can we get there early? There is so much to see and do, and I don’t want us to miss anything!

Come on, Mum! Hurry up, Dad! I can’t wait to go…!